Funeral services in Liepaja

Funeral service company:

  • transport, morgue, cemetery services,
  • document formating,
  • Coffins (from 85.00 EUR),
  • Funeral ritual services,
  • Flowers, wreaths, flower bouquets,
  • Blankets, candles, crosses, etc. Ritual accessories
  • Grave monuments, stonemason services,
  • Cremation,
  • Graveyard improvement, greening,
  • Graveyard care,
  • Video filming, photo services,
  • Organizing a meal.

Transportation services:

  • Minibus rental (up to 17 seats),
  • Bus rental (up to 50 places),
  • Cargo transportation by minibus,
  • Freight transport up to 26 tons for fluttering and non-load cargoes.

Services are available at any time of day and place.


Wreaths and flowers for funerals Liepaja